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  The pilgrim’s progress can be said to be a very famous and very influential book in the Christian literature and a lot of people have read it. Actually when I first read the pilgrim’s progress I am not interested in it,even feel boring, and the result is I want to give up halfway. Why,because I don’t have experience of the “Christian” in this book. He encountered many difficulties, but I have not experienced, so I am not interested in it when I readied it.

  As time goes by I read it more and more, and I began to feel deeply the process of “Christian” struggling against difficulties. Then I find all sorts of experience of protagonist “Christian” is the mirror of most of ordinary people.

  The difficulties he met,also is that we met. His failure was also that we had been through. And each time he regained faith, which also brought us a great joy and hope, because we also are the people who have pursuit and ideal.

  From the knowledge level to see,The pilgrim’s progress is the most vitality predictions. This work is to write a virtual world, but it is the reality of the world in essence. This can make us more aware of the complexity behind the real world.

  This work mainly displayed that human losing himself needed redemption, and only can be saved through confessing their iniquity and believing God. All kinds of people "Christian" meet on the road are the people banyan met in any market, or any other streets in that era of Britain. This is the reason that novel have strong vitality.

  Reading this book, what make me feel touched and shock is that Christian faithfully began his difficult lonely journey for the beliefs in his heart. All the way he went through "despair mire", "humiliation valley", "the valley of the shadow of death", "vanity fair", "doubt fort", and all the way he defended entanglement of "atheist", "ignorance", "Mr. Smart", "Mr. Apple", “Mr. Love money" and so on,and finally came to the kingdom of heaven to pay a formal visit god.

  Did you ever have the experience like “Christian” being overcome by difficulties?

  Did you ever same to feel very sad, and even discouraged?

  Let Christian’ s words remind us once again:

  My enemies!

  Do not rejoice over me,when I fall, I will rise up, I sit in darkness, and Jehovah will be a light unto me.

  Although we are not Christian, we can get a lot of valuable spiritual wealth from the Christian. In order to the paradise of the heart, he insisted on their beliefs, had indomitable sprint,did not be afraid of all kinds of difficulties and hardships, and ultimately achieved himself ideal. In the process toward the pilgrim, the “Christian” experienced all kinds of hardships and temptation, but the power of the divine in his heart drove him constantly.

  This is the power of faith. At each stage of the novel “Christian” has experienced many tests, frustrated. At the same time, he also got edification, friendship, understanding and joy. This is life’s most precious wealth. Only unswerving firmly believe that their beliefs, oneself will have the possibility of success. Give up is not successful. In the fiction, "soft" wanted to follow the “Christian” went to the kingdom of heaven, but while he encountered difficulty he hesitated and turned back. "stubborn" is so sure for everything,and he adhered others to accept his point of view, even he think himself he did not need the help of others, also did not need any guidance. Succinct forthright language of "Christian" shows that he was a man of determination and perseverance.

  Only such as “Christian”, it will be possible to achieve their ideal. But, no one else will meet with difficulties. For example, in the valley of the shadow of death the heart of “Christian” appeared straggliest and hesitation. “Christian” had not set out on a journey yet and he was laughed at the family and the neighbor’s taunt.He met despair mire when he left not a long time. This kind of trouble continued until he reached the kingdom of heaven.

  The way of going the kingdom of ideal heaven is not only bright and sunny, but also has the dark clouds.  I think we can get some enlightenment from the book to solve problems we are facing today. "Christian" started the journey to the kingdom of heaven. We saw him on the way to heaven, and in every step he was faced with choice weather continue or not. It also makes us associate that we are always faced with the same choice like “Christian” in our current life journey.

  The description is enough to tell everyone: faith is not a simple matter. Faith is not diversion,Even more is not a easy way of recreation In our time. everyone ,who has the ideal and faith,is the need to pay the price. A belief is not allowed to be satisfied with a smattering of knowledge. Beliefs demand people must devote your whole heart to the life of the whole to embrace that beautiful flame.


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